Learn how sowing the seeds of human rights, justice, equality, economic security, education and labor rights helps lift our society so we can reap the benefits of peace. See our display during the month of September 2016 at the Evergreen Public Library.

Human Rights

  • Freedom from oppression
  • Living without violence
  • Due process under the law

All human beings deserve respect.


  • Humane prisons
  • Equal treatment for all
  • Regulation of financial institutions and corporations

Human beings are valued higher than profits.


  • Women sharing power
  • Equal opportunities with equal pay
  • Access to reproductive health and childcare

Recognizing all human beings as equals lifts up society.

Economic Security

  • Living wages for all
  • Access to education, transportation and nutrition
  • Quality of life criteria same for all

Eradicating poverty allows us to care for our family and community.


  • Equal access to schooling
  • Safe and dignified learning environments
  • Free higher education

Education combats poverty and promotes peace, cultural diversity and environmental awareness.

Labor Rights

  • Safe working conditions
  • Ability to negotiate wages and benefits
  • Maternity/paternity leave, paid vacations and holidays

A valued, respected and rewarded workforce contributes to society and innovations that move humanity forward.

plant the seeds of peace