Evergreen Peace explored the chilling topic of gun violence to share information in the display case at the Evergreen Library during the month of September 2014. We have compiled a number of resources to help others learn about this important issue.

.Resources on Gun Violence.

Learning About Gun Violence

.What Can We Do?.

Stay Informed

  • keep up on current events
  • read and do your own research
  • explore the (historical) roots of violence

Build Safe Communities

  • promote mandatory gun training and licensing
  • insure appropriate gun storage
  • reduce trauma especially for children
  • provide mental health services
  • coordinate data and enforce laws

Support Common Sense Gun Laws

  • advocate for universal background checks
  • eliminate loopholes such as straw purchasing
  • limit magazine clips
  • ban military and assault weapons
  • modify gun design to include trigger locks
  • incorporate “smart gun” technology
  • require mental health screenings

Let Your Opinion Be Heard